A Construction Team Who Can’t Be Beat!

Murrieta Has Never Seen A Team Like The Pros At Box Construction, Inc.

Remodeling contractors work in teams to complete projects of all sizes but you should know- not all teams are alike. What makes the difference in a professional sports team or any team? The cohesiveness, integrated disciplines, experience, and leadership of that team. The same is true for the contractor that is going to work on your home. Are they a highly trained and motivated SEAL team six of skilled professionals or is the contractor just a hodge-podge of quickly assembled workers under leadership that answers to a bigger contractor that answers to a website that gathers and dispenses customers without any real connection to each other?

Your Choice Of Team Matters

It matters what you get when picking a team to create your vision for a remodel that will become tomorrow’s reality of the perfect transformation of your home. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom upgrade, room addition or an entire ADU, you want a dedicated team from the start of your plan to the final outcome of your transformed home.

The leadership of a contractor team starts at the top, if there really is one that answers only to you, the customer. A leader who cares about every project because it reflects on their brand and their reputation in the community they serve. Let’s start with the coach- the leader that instills passion and purpose in every member of a successful team. He leads the team to strive for excellence. Let’s be real, you’re not going to get that from a series of contractors that have been assembled by some big label store or brand. You’re going to find that with us at Box Construction, Inc. who has the same leadership from day one and is here for the long term. We stand by our work and by you as our customer. We’re there to back up our work next week, next month, next year…

A bearded man wearing a cap and a company t-shirt is featured as a team member for box construction, inc.
Let’s talk about one of our amazing Finish Carpenters, Lee! Lee can do pretty much any task at hand and is incredibly driven and relentless in his pursuit of excellence. He comes to work every day with a positive attitude and is cool, calm, and collected under pressure. We’re very grateful to have you Lee!

Who Cares About You First and Always?

Who really cares about your remodeled kitchen or bath or the quality of your new room addition or ADU? If you’re like most of us, chances are you’ve got to do your own research to find the right contractor. And it can be difficult because the market is saturated with contractors that don’t really care about your project. They work under a system that focuses on the numbers of leads and customers but the concerns of the customer come in a distant second. If you have ever worked with any service provider where you get the sense that you’re not number one, you know you want and deserve better!

So you want a remodeling contractor that always takes the time to understand your needs and wants first, who can provide detailed cost estimates up front, and who is committed to using the best materials for the work that creates your vision at top quality. You want someone who is as concerned about the outcome of every aspect of every project and all the work that goes into it.

Who cares like your project is everything to them as much as it is to you?

Box Construction, Inc. cares! We built passion into our business from the ground up, from its very roots when building and creating was a family legacy passed down each generation. Building and remodeling top-quality renovations and projects is in our blood. You can’t get that kind of passion just anywhere.

Featured team member donovan smiling, wearing a cap and a dark polo shirt with a logo, against a blue textured background with the word "spotlight".
GSD – Get “Stuff” Don(ovan)! Donovan leads the production department as our project manager. He is an incredible asset to the Box Team who represents our cultural beliefs to the fullest each and every day. Donovan is a man on a mission, and we value the drive, tenacity, and grit that he brings to the Box Office every single day. We appreciate you, Donovan!

A Cohesive Team Is All In Every Day

All the players on our team are in-house and we are all committed to each other. They train together, work together and think together about your vision for your project every day. Our team consists of project managers, designers, and highly skilled craftsmen who show up every day with the single goal of making your dream and vision a reality that you’ll love.

Our project manager is responsible for overseeing the entire remodeling project. They will work with you and our designers to determine all your vision for the project. They will draft a plan based on your goals, as well as your budget parameters. The design team is responsible for developing construction plans and detailing structural specifications. They will create a perfect plan to transform a room or an entire home into something new.

Our skilled craftsmen and specialists perform all the structural work, installing electrical wiring or cabinets, and installing new flooring or windows. From start to finish, every detail is inspected and done to complete the project exactly as planned.

We’ll Always Be Here For You

We know it is important that homeowners and contractors are open and honest about any concerns or questions throughout the remodeling process. We make sure that you get what you are envisioning. You’ll never have to wonder who to contact if you ever have any concerns or issues about your upgrade in the future.