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ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit Room Addition

ADU Contractors In Temecula – Expand Your Home Up To 1200 Sq Ft

When your family grows, when a need arises and a parent needs to move in with you, when you’d like a chance to derive passive income from the value of your home, what can you do to get more space in your current home? How can you make your home work for you without spending money on a new home in an uncertain housing market?

How can you add to your home and greatly increase its value and not risk your investment on an overpriced larger home in an unstable market?

Grow your own home by expanding your existing living space with a fully state approved and encouraged Accessory Dwelling Unit or more commonly known as an ADU. Rising housing costs don’t stop the need for more space when families grow. An ADU is a lot more than just a room addition, An ADU includes everything needed for an entire family addition where a person or family can live independently, complete with living areas, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom- all ready for a family member or a complete family.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) makes life better for you as a homeowner and it makes many situations that could result in the difficult challenge of overcrowding, enjoyable and comfortable for everyone instead.

While uprooting and buying a newer, more expensive home, even in the same area is often untenable in the current home market, the cost of an ADU is well within the reach of many more families. Your home will be a place with greater potential long and short term function and value instead of a place you tolerate until you can get into a better circumstance. 

We Can Help You Make Your Home A Much Larger Living Area

Box Construction, the top Temecula home building and renovation contractor, can assist you in every step of the process for all types of ADUs and Jr. ADUs. What is a Jr. ADU? It is an ADU that is built in an existing part of a home, usually a garage that meets the standard of a fully featured home including bath and kitchen.

The possibilities are endless. Planning the right kind of ADU for your needs and property type so you can have the perfect resulting home expansion. Contact us today or Schedule a consultation from our form. We’ll get back to you right away. 

Temecula ADU

Homeowners searching for a reliable general contractor to support clients in building an ADU or room addition in Temecula or surrounding areas have struggled before finding Box Construction.

2 BR 2 Bath addition ADU


The classical ADU, a casita or granny flat is designed for long-term use by a family member who is quite independent but wants a closer connection to family and the knowledge that someone is nearby just in case the need arises.

This is often the perfect solution for a parent who has no need or intention of moving to a retirement home. They’re not even in a retirement frame of mind! They’re busy and active!

Granny Flats tend to be on the larger side of ADUs providing a spacious comfortable home for a loved one.


    Usually an expansion of your home or conversion of existing space providing for comfortable and convenient multi-generational living. 40% of Americans have considered buying a home with this feature. If you wanted a home with an au pair suite or just fully ready guest quarters but passed the opportunity in your last home purchase, it’s not too late! We can plan, design and build the perfect ancillary living space for your home- even from your extra garage space.


    Many seniors view assisted living and retirement homes as a kibash on their relationship with their children and grandchildren and the truth is that visitation rates to retirement homes is quite lacking. A casita makes family accessible while maintaining the customary boundaries of independent home living.

    Our company has gone to extreme lengths to provide our Temecula area clients with the highest levels of custom ADU design and craftmanship in building the perfect “second home” on your property We specialize in creating and building custom home designs from scratch and are here to help make your dream a reality.

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