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Enriching Lives With ADUs

Unlocking New Horizons With ADUs In Temecula

Discover the boundless possibilities that accessory dwelling units (ADUs) bring to your Temecula property. Whether you’re seeking to accommodate family members, desire more space for a home office, or wish to generate passive income, ADUs offer a versatile, efficient solution. 

As the leading ADU builder in Temecula, we specialize in tailoring these compact, elegant homes to fit your lifestyle, ensuring every square foot is designed with purpose and passion. Our process, deeply rooted in understanding your dream, transforms your existing space into a haven for life’s next adventures.

Popular Upgrades For ADUs In Temecula


Surround your ADU with a lush landscape meticulously curated to enhance its charm. This verdant oasis creates a serene backdrop for your everyday moments.


Enhance your outdoor space with custom hardscaping, including pathways and patios, creating an enchanting setting to relax and entertain.

Exterior Painting

Give your ADU a striking presence with a custom exterior painting that complements its design and the scenic Temecula landscape.

Upgraded Roofing or Solar Panels

Enhance your ADU with upgraded roofing or sustainable solar panels. These intelligent choices improve durability and efficiency and align with Temecula's beauty and environmental consciousness.

High-End Windows or Doors

Elevate your ADU by installing high-end windows and doors. These features enhance the visual appeal and optimize light and energy efficiency, creating an inviting and comfortable interior.

Premium Siding

Wrap your ADU in premium siding that promises durability, beauty, and luxury. This upgrade protects your investment and crafts an exterior that's as visually stunning.

Crafting ADUs That Celebrate Life In Temecula

In every ADU in Temecula, there’s a story of transformation and joy. From cozy granny flats that keep loved ones close to stylish garage conversions that redefine your living space, our ADUs are more than just buildings—they’re the solution to your family’s changing needs. 

By focusing on high-quality building materials, thoughtful design, and the seamless integration of mechanical systems, our team ensures your ADU not only meets local laws and building codes but surpasses your expectations in every way. Let us guide you through the entire process, from the initial consultation to the finishing touches, creating the perfect ADU for your Temecula home.

View Our ADU Portfolio

Explore the elegance and versatility of our ADUs and find the inspiration to start your project in Temecula.

Building Your ADU
With Dedication & Detail

From start to finish, our team is committed to delivering an incredible experience, ensuring your ADU in Temecula not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With Box Construction, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to quality, communication, and care at every step.

High-Quality Work & Professionalism

Embark on a journey where superior craftsmanship meets unwavering professionalism. We’ll ensure your ADU is a space with unparalleled quality.

Outstanding Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of our process, ensuring your vision is realized with precision and clarity. Our commitment to open, transparent dialogue throughout the project fosters a collaborative partnership.

Caring & Problem-Solving Approach

Our dedication goes beyond construction; it’s about caring for your vision and addressing every challenge with innovative solutions. We see every project as an opportunity to enhance your quality of life, focusing on creating spaces that reflect your individual needs and desires.

ADU Building In Temecula

Your Dream ADU, Within Reach


Starting At



Starting At



Starting At


*Remember, these prices and timeframes are starting points, as each ADU is customized to your specific needs and desires. After a detailed on-site consultation, we’ll provide an exact quote, ensuring your project aligns perfectly with your vision and budget.

A Process Designed For You

Get started on your project by completing the contact form. After a quick chat, we’ll meet for an on-site consultation to sketch your vision. 

Then, we dive into the design phase, where you’ll explore materials, work with our designer, and see your ideas come to life. Once you love the plan, we’ll start building your dream home.

View our complete process for a closer look at how we transform visions into realities, from our initial meet and greet to ongoing support and follow-up.

Temecula Client Reviews

Please take a moment to read our client testimonials and feel confident in designing your remodel.

Heather CrossHeather Cross
19:01 08 Feb 24
In 2023 worked with Box Construction to replace all of the siding on the exterior of our house. After countless phone calls to other companies, Box was the first company to send out knowledgeable people to give an accurate estimate. The work was done in a timely manner, and the final product exceeded our expectations. Steve and Chris were patient with my endless questions, and everyone that worked on the project was professional and courteous. They will definitely be our “go to” contractor for any future home improvement projects.
Michael JanczykMichael Janczyk
02:30 07 Feb 24
My sprinkler system had a leak and 2 other contractors charged me and didn’t fix the leak. Steve had his crew find the source and fix it correctly! He’s also done some amazing paver work around our pool. The quality and dedication to do the job right is what I love about Box Construction!
Nathan AcostaNathan Acosta
22:34 06 Feb 24
Box Construction is the best. Over the past 7 years I have seen them care for clients with integrity. Great contractor to work with for your dream home.
Casey SisnerosCasey Sisneros
21:05 02 Feb 24
Steve Box is absolutely AWESOME !!This man is honest, trustworthy, does exactly what he saysand has integrity built in to his DNA.He will provide excellent service after your project is done with only your satisfaction in mind. He has been out a few times to address issues without hesitation on his own time and money. Once when it was technically the product manufacturer issue. It did not deter Steve from resolving the problem. Outstanding Steve !
Kelly Marie BowersKelly Marie Bowers
01:37 01 Feb 24
Zach SalgadoZach Salgado
20:31 31 Jan 24
I had work completed by Box Construction in 2022. It was a large ask and I searched diligently for a contractor that would be willing to take on the task. My wife and I wanted to remove several walls in our kitchen to create a large open concept room. This required some outside the box thinking. All of the contractors other than Box said that what I was asking for was not doable. However, Box said that it was doable and that they were willing to do the work and were honest about the cost. Box was able to remove several walls giving us the open concept we desired. The project took longer than I had hoped but I did submit a substantial amount of change orders that Box accommodated. We ran into a couple of problems, such as the island slab not being the right size, the window installers ruining hardwood stairs, and holes being drilled into a tile wall. However, every time I brought an issue to Box, they were quick to seek out a solution and even willing to order a new island slab. Max was very helpful in our entire process. During this time my wife delivered a child and we needed to move back home. Max had coordinated with a crew to come in and repair our stairs and due to the sanding and staining our home was not suitable for our family to move into. So Max coordinated an AirBnB that could accommodate our family for 3 days and threw in a gift card for food. This was way above and beyond for what Box or any contractor could do. I would highly recommend Box for their honesty and integrity. Box does good work and really desires to make the customer happy. They are not the cheapest contractor but they get the job done and are willing to find a way to make things possible.
Arnaldo ArroyoArnaldo Arroyo
19:05 15 Jan 24
Great company. Very professional and courteous. They renovated our house inside and out. They had to work around a family of 5 (and a dog) since we were still living in the house while they worked. Every day they would make sure to clean up after themselves and made sure that everything was safe for our children to move around. I would definitely recommend Box Construction to anyone looking to renovate their home.
Craig TushinskiCraig Tushinski
23:10 05 Jan 24
I've been using Box for about 6 years total, for all types of work inside and outside the home. Without a doubt I would recommend them to anyone who needs work completed. Most recently they coordinated a pretty serious roof repair, along with some drywall and paint in preparation for a home sale. Always friendly, professional, and the upfront pricing is pretty reasonable. Give them a call for any needs you have.
Rose Ann LundbladeRose Ann Lundblade
23:52 04 Dec 23
Box Construction is an amazing company! My thanks and appreciation to Stephen and Melissa for making my experience with their company a pleasant and stress-free one. Every member of your crew was “without exception” a joy to encounter and highly skilled at their specific jobs! Special thanks to Michael Duran for his dedication and work ethic, ensuring that I was updated every step of the way. And much gratitude to Josh and Kevin also, for their enthusiasm and confidence from the beginning! Absolutely everyone I had contact with was friendly, professional and just overall amazing in their job performance. I was extremely blessed to discover your company, and highly recommend Box Construction to anyone considering Home Remodel, renovation or construction projects for their home.
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Frequently Asked Questions For ADU Builders In Temecula

Yes, we manage all aspects of the permitting process for your ADU in the Temecula area, providing peace of mind and expertise. Our team is well-versed in navigating local regulations, ensuring we obtain all necessary permits as efficiently and correctly as possible, simplifying the process for you. Please note that permits can take 6-8 months to get, depending on the jurisdictions and the size of your project.

The cost of building an ADU in Temecula and the surrounding areas depends on the size and scope of your project and material selections. You will receive a quote after an on-site consultation. The price includes design services, permits, and construction documents.  


  • ADUs start at $182K for a standard unit up to 400 sq ft.
  • For a mid-size ADU of 400-600 sq ft, prices begin at $276K
  • Larger ADUs, ranging from 600-1200 sq ft, start at $540K+


Please note the permit process can take 6-8 months, depending on the jurisdiction.

The timeframe for building an ADU varies, but with our experienced team, you can expect efficient, high-quality construction designed to complement your home and enhance your property’s value. Below are general timeframes:

  • 12-13 weeks for units up to 400 sq ft, 
  • 13-15 weeks for units between 400-600 sq ft
  • 15-16+ weeks for larger units ranging from 600-1200 sq ft

It’s important to note that these timeframes do not include the permitting process, which can vary in length.

A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) is a smaller secondary housing unit on the same lot as a single-family home. JADUs are typically limited in size, up to 500 square feet, and often involve converting existing space within the home, such as a bedroom, into a separate living unit with its own entrance and basic amenities like a kitchenette.

Yes, in California, you can legally convert your garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) if you own a single-family home in a residential zone. This conversion allows homeowners to maximize their property’s potential by creating additional living space, which can be used for family members or as a long-term rental unit, enhancing the property’s value and utility.

Building an ADU in Temecula offers a range of benefits, from adding valuable living space to your property, keeping loved ones near, or creating opportunities for rental income.

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