Hottest Fall Trends In Home Remodeling – Temecula, Murrieta

Modern black faucet on a white bathtub with marble wall background.

Fall is here and we’re in the last quarter of the year. What are the hottest trends so far in 2023 for home remodeling? Technology takes a big front and center stage as life-made-easy tech makes your daily routine easier and more relaxing than ever. Here’s a quick overview, whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, […]

Local vs. National Contractor for Home Remodeling

Two smiling construction workers in hard hats featured in a framed photograph on a table set with elegant tea party decorations.

Time to refine your home with a custom remodel? What kind of contractor should you hire? A national chain or someone local with an excellent reputation? Hey there, friends of the Temecula Valley! As you navigate the world of remodeling, whether it’s for your bathroom remodel, a new kitchen or revamping a room or entire […]

Unlock the Future of Living: Custom Home Remodeling in Murrieta and Temecula

A dark blue bookshelf filled with organized books and dvds with a red ladder on the side.

Kickoff For An Amazing Custom Home Renovation Season Murrieta and Temecula. SoCal’s dynamic duo. A hub of houses crying out for that dash of modern magic. Enter Box Construction. We don’t just touch up; we transform. Vintage meets visionary, and the result? Absolutely spellbinding. The Evolution of Custom Home Remodeling in Murrieta and Temecula  Let’s […]

Smart Home Remodeling: Your First Choice for Modern Living

A person holding a tablet with a smart home control interface displayed on the screen.

Welcome to the Future: Your Home Just Got a Brain! Remember when turning on the lights meant, well, just flipping a switch? Those were the simpler times, right? But hey, who says smarter can’t be simple too? Let’s take a little trip, shall we? Imagine, you’re coming back home after a long day. As you […]

10 Family Room Addition Ideas For Murrieta Homeowners

Spacious game room featuring a pool table with pendant lighting, cozy sitting area, and warm ambient lighting.

There are as many ideas for Family Room Additions as there are families. Your family is unique and what draws you to spend enjoyable time together varies for all of us but here are some of the most popular ideas for converting what may be the least used room in your home into a place […]

How Much Value Does an ADU Add To Your Southern California Home?

A single-story teal house with white trim and a carport on a sunny day with clouds in the sky.

An ADU is all the new buzz as the answer to extended and growing families in California as well as a source of additional income. As of 2022, the law in California has drastically cleared the way for almost any homeowner to add an ADU on their property. This means that you could easily expand […]

What Could Go Wrong? What Is The Effect Of Oven Cleaner On Kitchen Countertops

Woman in a yellow sweater cleaning a glass surface with a cloth.

What Happens In Your Kitchen Stays For A Long Time A kitchen is a rough place compared to the rest of your house. You’re cooking, often with foods that produce grease and grime over time. Countertops get heavy use with cutting boards, pans, and dishes being set down and moved around and food is prepared […]

When Is A Building Permit Not Required In Temecula California?

A collage depicting various home improvement tasks with the phrase "when you may not need/a permit" overlaid in script font.

Are There Any Remodeling Projects In Temecula That You Won’t Need A Permit For? When remodeling your Temecula or Murrieta home, it’s important to know when you need a permit and when you don’t. If you’re doing a minor renovation, like painting or replacing cabinets, you likely don’t need a permit. If you’re doing something […]

The Best Full-Service General Contractor Is A Family Business

We are a Murrieta & Temecula Area Licensed General Contractor team with deep roots in the family tradition and you can always count on us at Box Construction Inc. for exceptional customer service! Everything for home remodeling from bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling to renovating a whole house is in our range of many types […]

Home Renovations That Look Better Than Model Homes

A modern dining and living room with a large screen tv and an open floor plan.

Those Amazing Model Homes – Are They As Good As A Renovated Home? Have you ever toured a new home model? Some of the new home builders have models on display that can make you drool. You can picture yourself in your new home with kitchen cabinets filled with the finest china and crystal, living […]

Out Of The Box Original Home Upgrade Ideas

butcher block countertop kitchen remodel idea

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably thought about upgrading your home at one time or another. But if you’re feeling a little stumped about where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for original home upgrades that will make your space feel brand new. Whether you’re looking […]

Home Renovations to Improve Pandemic Living

Two people wearing hard hats discuss plans in a sketched outline of a kitchen. Nothing makes you more aware of your need for home renovations than being confined to your home for a year. If you didn’t need home renovations in the spring of 2020, you probably do now. Your family may have cooked 1,000 meals in your kitchen during quarantine, taken 1,500 showers, and flushed the toilet […]