Do You Need a General Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Project?

Many people wonder exactly what a general contractor is and what they do. Are they different from regular contractors? Do you need one for your home remodeling project? The experts at Box Construction, a top general contractor in Murrieta, explain what a general contractor is and when you need one.

General Contractors in Murrieta

In California, you need a license to be a general contractor. This is not the case in every state, however. Some states merely require a contractor’s license, and many don’t require contractors to have a license at all. Box Construction is a licensed general contractor in Murrieta.

Many jobs require a general contractor based on the size of the project, the amount of money it costs and other factors.

But most often, the average homeowner will want a general contractor if they expect to need several different types of professionals to work on their project.

For instance, if you are adding a bathroom onto your home, you will need a framer to build out the walls; a finish carpenter for the wallboard, molding, etc.; a painter; a tiler for the floor and wall tiles; and a plumber to rough in and install the plumbing fixtures, at the very least.

What Can Go Wrong with Subcontractors

For a job like this, the general contractor has to hire a number of subcontractors to work on your property. This brings a few issues to the surface.

First, an experienced general contractor will have a core group of people they know who they work with regularly. These people do good work and show up on time — two elusive qualities in the construction business. The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of a project is to have a contractor stall for days — or weeks — holding up the project while all the other contractors wait for the work to be done.

Timing is a huge issue in construction work. The plumbing has to be done before the walls are finished, and the painters have to be scheduled after that. Although that’s not a hard concept to grasp, the truth is that scheduling work to be done is difficult enough, but finding space in subcontractors’ calendars in a specific order is a major challenge. That’s why trust is a huge factor in general contracting — having one subcontractor fail to show up can cause major delays.

A general contractor in Murrieta also has the licenses necessary to cover subcontractors in your home. Should they make a mistake, cause damage or create any other issues, your general contractor will have it covered.

Box Construction of Murrieta

If you’re doing a project where you will need more than two contractors, it’s a good idea to use a general contractor. In some instances, it’s required. Contact the team at Box Construction to see if you need a general contractor for your next home remodeling project in or around the Murrieta area.