Home Renovations to Improve Pandemic Living

Nothing makes you more aware of your need for home renovations than being confined to your home for a year. If you didn’t need home renovations in the spring of 2020, you probably do now. Your family may have cooked 1,000 meals in your kitchen during quarantine, taken 1,500 showers, and flushed the toilet thousands of times. Your living quarters are under as much stress as you are. Home renovations by Box Construction can make you happier.

Although we are all looking forward to the day we can once again frolic in public places, none of us is sure exactly when that will be, and for many people with pre-existing medical conditions, it may be even longer.

Renovating the Pandemic-Era Home

You have likely put a lot of extra wear and tear on your home this year, perhaps necessitating some home renovations. But more than that, the team at Box Construction wants to remind you of the importance of making your surroundings as cheerful as they can be to help elevate your mood.

You may clean frequently and keep your home tidy, but if your countertops are scratched, your cabinets worn, your floors scuffed, and your bathroom facilities permanently stained, your efforts might not be doing you as much good as they could.



Home Remodeling Contractor in Murrieta

Box Construction can help. We’re a top home remodeling contractor based in Murrieta and also serving the cities of Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and Wildomar. We specialize in kitchen renovations,bathroom renovations, and can do all types of home remodeling projects, including unfinished basements, putting on additions, and more. We also provide specialized design services for our clients.

Your first step is to call Box Construction for a free consultation. Talk to us about what your priorities are for your home renovations. Do you want to concentrate on your kitchen, bathroom, or another room in your home? Is your priority cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, floors, or something else?

Adding More Space to Your SoCal Home

You may also need home renovations to accommodate extra family members. When your adult kids came in from New York at the beginning of the pandemic and took up residence in their old bedrooms, you undoubtedly thought the situation would be temporary, but it has dragged on.

Or you may have other relatives in need of housing as well, whether it’s due to job loss, health conditions, or another reason.

We can come out to look at your home and give you our recommendations for the best solution for your situation. You can get extra space in your home by raising the roof, putting an apartment over the garage, finishing the attic, or putting on an addition. Be sure to check with any HOA or building regulations in your area before moving forward with a construction project.

Rely on our experience to guide your essential home remodeling decisions. Contact Box Construction today, and get on the schedule for home renovations in or around the Murrieta area.