How Much Does An ADU Cost In Temecula, CA

Is There A Price For An ADU In Temecula, CA

There is a price range and here’s how it works. It starts with a conversation with a company experienced enough in building ADUs to give you a fair and realistic idea of what your ADU will cost in terms of the specifics of what you want to build. The price of an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Temecula, California can vary greatly and it depends on quite a few factors, it starts with the size of the ADU you want to build and the complexity and specifics of the project, especially the materials and finishes you desire to have in your ADU.

An ADU adds square feet to your home's living space.
An ADU adds square feet to your home’s living space.

In the Temecula area, you can expect your final price to be anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 or more for an ADU. A small, basic unit with minimal finishes and economical materials and fixtures along with a simple design may cost on the lower end of this range, while a larger, more complex unit with high-end finishes and features could cost closer to the upper end.

What Kind Of ADU?

Whether your ADU is built into your existing home structure as in a garage conversion or if it’s free-standing in your backyard, your cost will differ dramatically. A Junior ADU, that is, a small unit with a footprint of less than 500 square feet, especially if is built within an existing garage, will generally be cheaper to build than a full-size ADU unit.

An ADU Defined: An ADU is a detached unit separate from the primary dwelling unit on the same property, or in some cases, especially in California, inside or attached to an existing home. more at

When It’s Time To Build Your Own Custom ADU

If you’re interested in building an ADU in Temecula, the first step is to do some research and get estimates from your local ADU contractors and designers at Box Construction so that you can determine how to get the most out of your ADU plan and budget.

If you are considering building an ADU addition to your home, you’ll want the experience of a contractor that has expertise in outbuildings and additions like our team at Box Construction. We have a track record of building every kind of room addition and ADU imaginable. We design and build with the highest quality materials and take pride in the craftsmanship of each project. Get a free consultation today for a free consultation so that we can help you create the perfect ADU to fit your needs and budget.

Figuring Out All The Costs Of An ADU Can Get Complicated But We’ll Make It Clear For You

Keep in mind that any estimates for a custom project as complex as an ADU are really just rough guides because everyone’s requirements are unique to them, and the actual cost of your ADU will depend on your specific design and materials that will be needed for your ADU. We will work with you to come up with ideas that fit your vision and yet can be done within the realities of your budget too.

In addition to the construction costs, you should also consider other expenses such as permits, fees, and any necessary modifications to the property. Working with us at Box Construction, Inc assures you that a seasoned ADU contractor is helping you get the exact and best ADU for your home.