Kitchen Design Trends in 2022 – The Year Of Color

Kitchen Trends in 2022 It’s The Year Of Color

What’s really new this year in kitchen remodeling and design?

Colors. It’s about the color, Greens, reds, grays, black… White, not so much.

Kitchen design is always being updated with the latest hues, shapes, and materials. Trends that are set today will be in kitchens for the rest of 2022, so it’s worth it to find out what they are now! Here’s a quick list of what’s simmering in the latest kitchen looks.

Many people are adding a more personal touch to their kitchens and moving away from the all-white look. Expect to see wood cabinets in warm, neutral hues or painted cabinets to add a pop of color.

Bold Colors

Color in Kitchen Design

Kitchens are moving away from the traditional all-white look. Expect to see rich, bold colors on kitchen cabinets this year.

Appliances And Accents In Black

Kitchen accents in black design

Accents are the ultimate way to personalize a kitchen. Black accents are now leading the way in stylish kitchens, replacing brass and copper cabinet handles and hardware.

Several Kitchen Islands

They can be prep stations, eating counters, or breakfast bars. For home workers, islands can double as desks and conference tables.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to display your favorite pottery, serving-ware and glassware, as well as spices and other kitchen essentials. Use open shelves in the kitchen for artful displays that create a gallery-like feel. They’re also a space saver if you don’t have a lot of counter space.

Patterns In Flooring

Patterns haven’t gone away, they’ve just moved from walls to floors. Keep the kitchen looking light and bright with decorative patterns in flooring materials.

Sharp Angles And Edges

To add a sleek, modern feel to your kitchen, look for sharp angles on cabinets and furniture. Consider making some edges — like those on tabletops — a little more pronounced by adding contrasting color or another complementary element, such as a décor element with a soft edge.

Colorful Pendant Lamps

Kitchen lighting has moved away from the center light fixture, which tends to take up too much real estate over the kitchen island. Opt for pendant lights instead and bring color into the mix by incorporating colored glass or metal finishes that coordinate with your countertops or backsplash.

Tile In A Geometric Pattern

Tile can be an inexpensive way to transform a kitchen. A new trend involves using tile in a geometric pattern as backsplash, often coordinating with patterns on the countertops and floors. Strategic tile placement has a lot of power. Tile has long been used as a practical, easy-to-clean barrier against spills and splashes.

Rustic Elements In The Kitchen

An unexpected rustic element is making its way into modern kitchens: hay bale side tables, or hay bale stools. Other unexpected details include faux taxidermy and reclaimed wood cabinetry. You can get the function of a kitchen island without major renovation with a vintage farm table. Also, due to their unique sizes, vintage pieces can work in kitchens without a full-size island. A vintage piece of furniture also adds unexpected visual interest and becomes a conversation piece.

Layered Process In Kitchen Design

Rather than painting everything one solid color, choose two hues and apply them with different techniques for a layered process. If you want more of an ombre effect, pick your lighter color as the base and then paint the top with your darker color.

This is a great way to introduce bold colors in your kitchen without committing to one solid shade.

Using a sponge instead of a roller will give your paint job texture and add visual interest.

Even if you don’t add any additional layers, different application techniques such as sponging and texturizing can change the look of your kitchen dramatically. For example, if you want to make the painted cabinets in this room really pop, try adding a second color and sponge-painting the walls over it.

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