Recent Bathroom Remodeling In Temecula Valley

A Recap Of Some of Our Recent Bathroom Remodels

An unexpected event, like an insurance claim, can become an opportunity for a design transformation. This is exactly what happened with one of our recent bathroom remodel projects. The space is now adorned with the stunning “Flash” white tile from Arizona Tile, complementing the grey floor tile and bringing an air of elegance. The fixtures, contrasting against the bright backdrop, add a striking element to the room.

Drop in tub with black surround

At Box Construction, we’re not just about fixing spaces, but creating beautiful and functional places that you love to live in. We do what we do because your home matters.

Step into serenity with this elegant shower remodel. The rain shower cascading from the ceiling, the handheld wand, and the wall shower head all work together to create a spa-like experience right at home. Adorned with calming calacatta style 12×24 tiles, a convenient bench, and a soothing pebble shower pan, it’s more than just a shower – it’s a haven of relaxation. Each element was thoughtfully chosen and meticulously installed to transform everyday routines into moments of peace and rejuvenation. It’s in these small yet significant transformations that we find our ‘why’, enhancing your home to enhance your life, one shower at a time.

new modern bathroom design and remodeling

Imagine unwinding in this cool, crisp bathroom after a long day. The white subway tiles play off the black Calacatta veining and matte black fixtures, creating a striking balance. And the best part? Every element has been hand-picked to craft a space where you can truly relax. After all, that’s why we love what we do. So, who’s ready for their bathroom makeover?

Crisp White tile and Calacatta veining marble.

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