Time For A Unique and Elegant Bathroom Design Facelift for Your Vintage Riverside County Home

Join the 21st Century with Box Construction, Inc.’s Unique & Elegant Bathroom Designs

Living in the Vintage Lane: The Current State of Riverside County Homes

Here we dig into the fun facts about the age of homes in Riverside County and the charm (or curse) of their decades-old bathrooms.

If you’re living in Riverside County, odds are your casa was constructed, like a fine wine or artisan cheese, sometime in the previous millennium. That’s because roughly 82% of single-family homes in this sunny Californian haven are older than the most recent decade, or as we like to call it in the remodeling business, vintage. Not so vintage in the cool, retro, ‘I found this at a thrift shop’ sort of way, but more in the ‘my bathroom looks like a 1970s avocado-green nightmare’ sense.

Your Bathroom, Reimagined: The Magic of Box Construction

Here, we toot our own horn a little (or a lot) and showcase how we transform bathrooms from cringe-worthy to Instagrammable.

But let’s not despair, folks! You don’t have to live another day in a bathroom that makes you feel like you’ve time-traveled back to the disco era every time you brush your teeth. There’s a shining beacon of hope in the remodeling world known as Box Construction, Inc. Not to toot our own horn, but toot toot!

We’re experts in both the unique and the elegant, the quirky and the refined. We transform aging bathrooms into stunning sanctuaries of relaxation and style, or as we like to say, we turn your water closet into a water palace.

Technology Meets Tradition: Our Cutting-Edge Design Process

Discover how we’re not just swinging hammers but also wielding the power of innovative 3D design software to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Your dream bathroom might feature a floor-to-ceiling waterfall shower, a self-cleaning toilet, or even a jacuzzi tub with mood lighting. No matter how wacky, wild, or sophisticated your tastes, Box Construction, Inc can make it a reality.

jacuzzi tub
custom shower

“But how do you do that?” you might be asking yourself. I’m glad you asked, dear reader! We’re not just a crew of hammer-swinging renovators. We’re also tech-savvy bathroom wizards. We utilize cutting-edge 3D virtual bathroom design software to help you visualize your future porcelain throne room down to the last tile.

With this kind of technology, you’re no longer just a homeowner hoping for the best. You’re a visionary, charting the course of your home’s transformation. You can see how the sunlight will play off the golden faucets, or how the heated tiles will look under the soft glow of your stylish new vanity lights. And that’s all before a single sledgehammer kisses your old, outdated bathroom goodbye.

bathroom lighting choices temecula murrieta

Don’t Get Left Behind: Embrace the Future of Bathroom Design

The necessity of renovating your outdated bathroom and how Box Construction, Inc. can help create a space as unique and elegant as your wildest dreams.

So, while 18% of homes in Riverside County were lucky enough to be built within the past 10 years with modern bathrooms already in place, the rest of us aren’t doomed to forever dwell in bathrooms that haven’t seen a renovation since the Nixon administration.

Because at Box Construction, we build more than homes. We build dreams. We build spaces that are as unique as your fingerprint and as elegant as a black-tie gala. So, whether you’re in one of the 150,000 newer homes or part of the majority in an older abode, it’s time to kiss that pastel pink toilet adieu and say hello to the bathroom you’ve always imagined.

white tile and recess - no pastel pink bathroom

Let’s take your home from “Oh no” to “Whoa!”. With a dash of your imagination and a good deal of our expertise, your bathroom can be transformed from a functional necessity to an elegant retreat.

Don’t let the age of your home keep you from enjoying a modern, stylish bathroom that suits your needs and aesthetic. It’s time for that avocado-green bathroom suite to go. Let’s bring your bathroom into the 21st century, Riverside County. With Box Construction, Inc, it’s not just possible. It’s a virtual certainty.