We Transformed A Drowned Kitchen Into a Food Paradise

How Box Construction transformed a flooded bathroom & kitchen in record time.

Modern kitchen interior with stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry.

Late last year. A devastating flood caused significant damage and major disruption to the home of Mrs. Montanez. The flood left the family in need of extensive repairs and renovations, which led them to seek the services of a construction company.

They initially encountered dishonest and non-transparent services but eventually discovered Box Construction which was able to provide the support they needed. The primary benefits of this remodeling project were numerous, including. 

One: aesthetic enhancement. The renovation of both the kitchen and the master bathroom provided a fresh, updated appearance.

The project incorporated modern designs, finishes, and materials resulting in an attractive and cohesive space. 

Two: improved functionality. The updated kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances enhanced the overall aesthetic and utility of the space. The redesigned master bathroom features a new walk-in shower, vanity, and updated plumbing, making the space more functional and enjoyable to use.

Three: increase property value. Upgrading the kitchen and master bathroom can potentially increase the overall value of the property as these are two key areas that potential buyers often prioritize.

Four: Insurance settlement. The project allowed the client to make the necessary repairs following the flood damage while also upgrading their home.

Hexagon-patterned black tile flooring with white grout in a modern interior.

As for the timeframe, the project’s five-week duration was notable for its amazing efficiency. This relatively short period demonstrates Box Construction’s commitment to minimizing disruption for the client while ensuring a high-quality remodeling job. The project’s thorough planning and organization as detailed in the estimate contributed to the efficient execution of the remodel.

How was this level of speed and efficiency accomplished? Box construction? Has a full-size warehouse with inventory of every kind of building material on hand for clients to select their exact materials, styles, and colors to their specifications. Box Construction also has a 3D rendering program and a professional design specialist who can render the exact look and feel of a project before anything has been started on the actual project.

Mrs. Montanez was able to select every material and design in advance in new, in detail how her kitchen would look and function. Exactly.  “I chose the color, I chose everything. So I knew where I was choosing and I knew where I was getting straight from the design. 

“And I was like, oh my God, have this. I was getting excited before like, I could see like the bones of it.” 

During an interview, Mrs. Monte Montana recounted her positive experience with Box Construction. She praised the company’s transparency, clear communication, and timely scheduling. Max, a representative of the company played an essential role in keeping the family informed and ensuring their expectations were met.

Modern bathroom with marble countertops and a walk-in shower.

Mrs. Montanez has also expressed gratitude for the company’s designer, who helped them visualize and select the materials they wanted for their renovations. The project involved numerous challenges, including working around the family’s work-from-home schedules, accommodating their pets, and addressing their concerns about the construction process.

Box Construction consistently provided clear explanations and delivered on their promises, ensuring a smooth project from start to finish. Mrs. Montanez was especially impressed with the company’s dedication, and ability to speak in terminology she could understand despite her lack of construction knowledge.

In the end, Mrs. Montanez rated Box Construction as five out of five for their outstanding service team and attention to detail. The trust and rapport established between both parties contributed to the project’s overall success, leaving the family completely satisfied with their newly renovated home.