Bathroom Remodels for Handicapped Access

A handicapped accessible bathroom is often more of a necessity than a choice. Box Construction has done bathroom remodels at homes in and around Murrieta to increase handicapped access for residents. If you’re considering making your bathroom more accessible, talk to the team at Box Construction to find out what your options are.

Reasons for Handicapped Bathroom Remodel

The most common reason for making a bathroom handicapped accessible is that one of the occupants of the home has been involved in an accident or had a medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack that has left them with some mobility challenges. But there are other reasons.

Some homeowners have lived in Murrieta for years, and they love it here and don’t want to move. They want to live out their lives in their homes. While they may not need handicapped bathroom renovations right away, they may opt to have these accessories added now as part of a planned routine bathroom remodel.

While it’s easy to add grab bars to a bathroom at any time, other design choices such as trading your tub for a walk-in shower, raising the sink and getting rid of the vanity to make room for a wheelchair, and widening the doorways are easier — and cheaper — to do as part of a renovation you have already scheduled.

Yet another reason for a handicapped bathroom remodel is because a parent or another relative who needs special access is coming to live in your home.

Handicapped Access Standards

When you hire a general contractor to do a handicapped bathroom remodel, it’s important that they know what the standards are for this type of work. While it is not necessary to comply with the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act in your own home, your contractor still needs to know how many inches wide the doorway should be and exactly where to install grab bars.

At Box Construction, we have experience making bathrooms handicapped accessible. We can remove your old bathtub and install a shower that your loved one can just walk into, without having to step over a barrier of any kind. We can also install a seat as part of the shower. Alternatively, you can use a stool in the shower that’s easily removable for those who don’t require it.

Bathroom Renovations with Box Construction

Renovating your bathroom to make it handicapped accessible can provide you much-needed relief from worry. You can be certain that your loved one can use the bathroom in your home safely. Wheelchair users really appreciate these accommodations, as they help the person stay independent for longer and feel better about themselves.

Are you interested in learning more about bathroom remodels for handicapped access? Call Box Construction today and make an appointment for a free consultation.